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the problem WE ARE solving

Soar.Earth was created because 80% of the world's maps and images are only accessed through one channel¹ with limited discoverability and difficulty in access and sharing. (¹ International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2017)

We're on a mission to make the world's maps and imagery accessible from just one platform.

No more scavenging the internet for the maps you need — just Soar it!

Scanned maps

Topographic maps

Drone imagery

elevation maps

Remote Sensing data

Aerial imagery

Drone Orthomosaics

geological maps

Satellite imagery

satellite Imagery
on the Fly

Our integrated APIs means you can get near real time satellite imagery feeds from Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 for FREE. That means unlimited downloads straight to your desktop. At corporate HQ we're busy working to partner with more satellite feeds. Stay tuned!

see the world in HD with SkyMap50

Need imagery that's a little more powerful, reliable, and on demand? Try SkyMap50 — the world's most affordable 50cm high-resolution direct satellite imagery tasking service. Great price, unbeatable value.

We want your content - help us map the world!

Do you have your own collection of maps and imagery which you want to share with the world? Upload and share them directly to Soar.Earth where they can be viewed by the community and your online social networks. We support the following formats: ECW, GeoTIFF (ArcGIS, QGIS) and JPEG (DJI, Parrot, et al).

Get ready for an adventure

Explore our diverse Earth in greater detail than ever before thanks to our growing community of open aerial mappers and geospatial data specialists. Take a journey around the globe with some of our best visual storytellers. Discover new places, re-discover some old ones.

The soar.Earth mapping engine

Our proprietary Quadtree technology, unlike others, is able to reach a much greater level of detail to support various imagery formats and resolutions that mapping systems are capable of — including those of satellites, aerial systems, and drones.

250 m - 30 cm
pixel resolution

~500 km



120 m

5 cm - 2 cm
pixel resolution


5,000 m

30 cm - 5 cm
pixel resolution

Let's map the world together

Do you have maps and/or aerial data? Share your imagery on Soar.Earth and help us map the world.

Accepted file types include georeferenced GeoTIFF and ECW files, and drone JPEGs.

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